Support is Key

December 13, 2012 § 2 Comments

Running – for me – is mostly a solitary activity, and yet I welcome as much support as I can get. Although my husband doesn’t run with me anymore, he is always there for me. For driving me to races. For putting up with the hours of training. For listening to me ramble about things that happen on my runs. He’s amazing.


Even my cats support me. When I drag myself out of bed at 4:15 a.m. to go running, they’re there. They hang out with me while I get ready and they’re always waiting by the front door for me when I get back. (It could be because they’re hungry and just waiting for me to feed them, but I’ll pretend it’s because they missed me.) They even visit me when I torture myself with an ice bath after a long run.


Then there’s all of my friends and family. They’re always asking me how my training is going. Some of them think I’m crazy as I answer their question by recapping my recent 20-mile run, but overall, by just asking it makes me feel like they support me and care enough to ask about something that is clearly a big part of my life.

Jenny - Sign

I feel truly lucky to have such a great support system. In the past, I used to think I had to prove something to anyone who was supporting my efforts. Now, I realize that they aren’t judging me on how far I ran or how fast I ran it in – they’re showing me they are there for me… from mile 1 to the end.


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