For the love of…

June 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

I love food. From the gourmet experience at a top-rated restaurant, to the down home cooking at a local eatery, to the creations that I whip up in my kitchen; food brings joy to my life.

I also love running, which is a good thing since I love food so much. Running not only provides me an outlet for releasing stress and adding a sense of balance to my life, but it also helps me ward off the extra weight I would put on with some of my not-so-healthy eating (and drinking) habits.

It’s rare to read about how foodies work off all the delish food they eat, which I think is a shame because I would love to know more about how everyone is staying active. Don’t get me wrong, I thoroughly enjoy losing myself in the indulgent food being splashed across the blogosphere, but I’m dying to know how everyone is making all of this wonderful food and finding the balance in their life to stay active, as well. Occasionally, I’ll see an article that features a well-known chef that is getting their workout on by running (check out this piece on Bobby Flay in Runner’s World), which I think is great! It inspires me to keep up with learning more about cooking and running.

On this day, which also happens to be National Running Day, I’m just tossing this random string of thoughts out into the world in hopes that it gets you thinking about your favorite pastime beyond cooking, baking and crafting and that maybe it motivates you to get out and do something you love. Yoga. Walking. Running. Biking. Whatever it is you end up doing, have a great time!


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