Pick Your Own Peaches

May 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Peaches! There’s something about this summer fruit that brings a smile to my face. I love the ever-so-soft fuzz on the skin, the bright reddish-orange color of the flesh and the inexplicably sweet flavor when you bite into one.

Last weekend, after I got home from a great 11-mile run with a friend I met on DailyMile – a wonderful online site for runners, bikers, etc. of all abilities – I was checking up on my twitter feed (what else is new) and saw that The Farmstand at Agritopia was having a “Pick Your Own Peaches” day. Wait, what? Gilbert, Arizona has peach trees?

I felt a wave of giddiness come over me and I knew I had to go and check it out. I’ve gone to a pumpkin patch to pick a pumpkin. I’ve even gone foraging through the forest to find the perfect pine cones for holiday table decoration. But I’ve never picked my own fruit.

For a mere $2 a pound, you could pick as many peaches as you want from this great little local treasure. So, I picked up my box and headed into the section of the orchard where the peaches are grown. As I got closer, the sweet aroma of ripe peaches wafted through the air until I was fully embraced by it and was surrounded by the beautiful trees which were brimming full of fruit. I almost didn’t know where to start, but I dove right in (while watching my step to avoid the mushy ones on the ground) and started feeling my way through the trees. I tried to visit every tree in the orchard (I mentioned it’s small, right) and I came out with a pretty good pick – which I might add was complimented on by the infamous Joe from Joe’s Farm Grill and Joe’s Real BBQ!

If you have a chance to visit a local farm or orchard to pick your own fruit, I highly recommend it. Not only do you get to enjoy the fruits of your labor (pun intended), you’re supporting local business.


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