Myth Busted: All Thin People Are Just “Lucky”

June 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

I was in the break room at work heating up my lunch and one of my co-workers started eye-balling my meal. It’s nothing exciting: half a can of high fiber Chicken Tuscan soup (Progresso), a cup of fresh blueberries and a serving of multigrain chips (The Whole Earth, Spicy Nacho). She then proceeded to tell me that she has heard so many people say something about how lucky other people are to be thin and when she looks at me and then sees what I eat for lunch on a regular basis, she better understands the meaning of “you are what you eat”. It was like a lightbulb went on in her head and revealed to her the misconceptions that all thin people are just naturally thin.

I took this as a compliment because I make a real effort to eat well and in moderation, and, of course, to work out. I can tell a difference if I start eating out for most of my meals or if I buy food at the store that isn’t quite as healthy (like some of the frozen meals out there which are downright scary!). There has to be a balance between working out and eating right and that takes work. If I can lead by example by eating a healthy lunch, then bring it on! I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing and hope that other people see the light like my co-worker did today.


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§ 3 Responses to Myth Busted: All Thin People Are Just “Lucky”

  • nancy says:

    I think a lot of food issues is the lack of knowing what a serving is – people need to look at containers. It’s so empowering.

  • pblanc says:

    Nancy may be on to something. A 6’8″ buddy of mine, (who is on the road half the year) never finishes a meal. Leaves room for dessert, but again never finishes it. And of course has to have his wine. He works out wherever he is, and sticks to a routine despite two bad knees.

    But, like Nancy eludes to, the true element is calories in, and calories burned. Most of the American populous think a Wii is exercise to the MAX. 60 minutes on a treadmill, unthinkable, ab work, well absurd!

  • Jerrod says:

    Admittedly, there are myriad variables and circumstances well beyond our control throughout our lifetimes, but I still like to believe that we create our own luck. 😉

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