Finding Confidence Within

April 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

I recently read an article in March edition of Runner’s World magazine that focuses on elite runner Kara Goucher’s confidence boosters. As an amateur runner, it’s a little comforting to know that top-tier athletes have some of the same confidence blocks that I do. In the case of Kara, she has great coaches who are there to help her build up her confidence and believe in herself and she was willing to share some of what they have taught her with runners like me.

I got something great out of this article. Kara’s sports psychologist trained her to focus on affirmations and key words to help keep her going. One of the key words he had her say to herself was “fighter”. What a powerful statement…and it worked for her.

If it can work for an elite athlete, it can work for someone who aspires to improve their “everyday running”, right? I decided to give it a try on some of my recent runs and see if it can help me. Inspired by Goucher’s word, I chose the word “fight” as my key word. I say it in my head when I find myself feeling like I’m not good enough and I can’t get any better and guess what? It actually worked. Fight. Fight the urge to slow down. Fight to go faster. Fight to get better.

To train your thoughts to go in a direction that they have been avoiding for so long is a great feeling. It’s tough, but I love it.


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