There’s always room to surprise yourself

January 28, 2010 § 2 Comments

Being softspoken, a little on the shy side and generally non-confrontational, I am typically a pushover when it comes down to it. I know how to defend myself and stand up for what I believe in, but somehow I end up feeling like I “lost” the battle.

I was recently confronted with a particularly rude email that threw me for a loop. Given that it was an email, I’d like to think I was just reading into some imaginary subtext – which I admit that I am guilty of doing from time to time. Not this time. This person went out of their way to let me know how they felt. The rudeness stemmed from some sense of entitlement that I couldn’t comprehend. The arrogance of this person really got to me and I struggled with coming up with a response. That’s when the proverbial lightbulb turned on. Why do I feel bad if I didn’t do anything wrong?

My response was polite with the right hint of “who do you think you are”, but not once did I apologize. I had nothing to be sorry for and I wasn’t going to let this person get any satisfaction from me caving in.

So, to all the bullies out there – you can’t get to me anymore. It’s time for you to grow up and take responsibility for your actions and your words.


§ 2 Responses to There’s always room to surprise yourself

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