The Neighborhood Coyote

November 17, 2009 § Leave a comment

Just when I thought the baby owls hiding under the sidewalk was a pretty cool, I saw a coyote on my run tonight…in the middle of our housing development! I was running with Jake and he said he’s seen it around the area before, but this was my first sighting. It was running towards us about 15 feet or so to our left. Very cool. I guess it’s not so cool for any outdoor pets or the ducks that like to hang out in our park, though.

It was a good steady 3-mile run. Jake and I caught up on each other’s days and talked about the upcoming holidays. Another bonus…my foot doesn’t hurt at all! It’s strange. I was in quite a bit of pain last Friday and then I ran 15 miles in a new pair of shoes and it’s like my foot miraculously healed itself. I’m not going to second guess it. I’m just going to consider myself fortunate that I can still run and keep up with my training! Now if only this pesky blister on the bottom of my foot would go away…


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