Apparently Not Even a Car Accident Keeps Me from Running

October 27, 2009 § 1 Comment

Now, to my defense, I wasn’t injured in the accident. Other than a small scratch on my neck from the seatbelt and some soreness in my neck for a few days, I was fine. Unfortunately, my car didn’t fare so well.

My Poor Car

My car after getting hit by a Dodge Ram

Looking back, I think I was a little “off” after the Dodge Ram rammed into the back of my SUV because I recall standing on the side of the freeway waiting for the highway patrol to show up to the accident and thinking about where I was sore and whether or not it would affect my running. The accident was on Thursday and the race was on Saturday and most of my friends and family thought I was a little crazy for sticking with my plan to run it, but it all turned out great in the end.

The weather was perfect on Saturday. There were a couple hundred runners for the half marathon, which was great because it wasn’t crowded like the PF Chang’s half marathon where I had to dodge runners the entire time. The course consisted of a few miles down hill to start and then a long stretch of really dusty canal paths. I got dirt just about everywhere! It was caked on the lower half of my legs; it was in my eyes, ears and nose; even my socks got covered in dirt through my shoes! It was pretty impressive.

Almost to the finish line!

My wonderful husband met me at the top of the final hill!

Other than the dirt, the biggest issue I had was the 3 mile uphill finish. The real kicker was the steep hill at the last ¼ mile. By that time, I was tired, hot and hungry; but all that seemed to melt away as I rounded the corner and saw my husband standing at the top of the hill waiting for me.

I glanced down at my watch with only two-tenths of a mile to go and I was on pace to finish at 2:10, which is 10 minutes faster than my first half marathon in January. I picked up the pace for a good finish and crossed the line at 2:10:30. Not too bad!

It took a few days to recover, but I’m looking forward to a nice run tonight and breaking in my new running shoes.

BTW: my husband is too modest to admit that he did an awesome job at running the 5k, so I am going gloat on his behalf. He got 1st place in his age group! Go, Jake!


§ One Response to Apparently Not Even a Car Accident Keeps Me from Running

  • Joanna says:

    How exciting?! First place…Jake should be proud.

    I am glad that the accident didn’t get you down and you are still keeping up with your training. You can only fret so much…things will work itself out the way it is supposed to. Of course, I will still keep my fingers crossed for you that everything works out for the best.

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