Successful Fundraising Pasta Party

October 11, 2009 § 1 Comment

I want to thank all my family and friends who made it out to the fundraising pasta party on Saturday! Through your support, $635 was raised for the Barrow Neurological Foundation! It was a great party with lots of homemade dishes that I was happy to make to feed everyone who stopped by.

My Saturday started bright and early when my alarm went off at 6 am to get up for my 10-mile run. As I ate my piece of toast with peanut butter, I mapped out my course and made sure to write out an extra copy for my husband (just in case). I got ready to go and made sure I had all my running gear and that’s when I realized I had forgotten to charge my iPod! I hardly ever forget to charge my iPod; how could I forget to do it right before I’d need it for 2 hours of running! It wasn’t dead so I desperately tried to charge it for 10 minutes in hopes that it would give it a little extra charge and maybe make it last for the entire run.

Starting out, I felt a little sluggish and my muscles were taking longer than usual to loosen up. I maintained a steady  pace, but as mile after mile passed my legs felt like they were tree trunks attached to my body. They felt heavy and almost “distant” from the rest of me. The more I concentrated on them, the harder it was to get over the strange feeling…and then my iPod died. I was only 5 miles in and trying to distract myself from thinking about the factors that were making this run tough to get through, and now I had to finish running with headphones that had nothing coming out of them.

At the end, I ran 10.64 miles in 1 hr 44 minutes. I was proud of myself for keeping the same pace I did the week before when I felt great for the entire run. The mental aspect of running can be a tough obstacle, but if you’re strong enough and determined enough, you can make it through.

When I got home, I was in total go-mode for the pasta party. I spent the next 8 hours preparing for everything. Thank goodness I have a great husband and a wonderful mother-in-law who were there to help me! Everything went off without a hitch and everyone seemed to have a good time. I am still exhausted and trying to recover from all the energy I spent yesterday, but it’s well worth it! I’m looking forward to the upcoming fundraising happy hour on November 6 at the Four Peaks in Tempe – hopefully I can get closer to my fundraising goal.


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