Mandy vs. the Terrible Running Shirt

September 14, 2009 § 1 Comment

Week 1 Update: My Tuesday run was no problem, but to fit the rest of my runs in last week I ended up running after work on Thursday then again at 5:30 a.m. on Friday; then once more on Saturday at 7:30 a.m. in Rocky Point. I probably could have run along the beach in Rocky Point, but decided that I’d probably be safer sticking to the treadmill in the hotel’s workout center. It was a tiring week, but I’m happy I didn’t cancel any of my runs. One week down; 18 to go!

Week 2 Schedule: Tues., 3 miles; Thurs., 3 miles; Fri., 3 miles; Sat. 7 miles (Total: 16 miles)

It often takes learning the hard way, but it’s really important to have comfortable clothes for running. Last week I learned that one of my running shirts does not fall into that category. When I packed my gym bag last Thursday I had no idea that the shirt I chose for my run was going to give me a battle that I could not win…no matter how hard I tried. It wasn’t until I got to the gym and put it on that I realized it clung to me like Saran Wrap. I had purchased a shirt just like it in another color that fits great, so I didn’t try this one on at the store. Big mistake! Since I was already at the gym, I had to suck it up and run in my cocoon-like shirt. I spent the entire three miles trying to keep the shirt from riding up (and taking my shorts with it!). Lesson learned: make sure you try on all your running clothes before you purchase them – even if you already own one just like it!


§ One Response to Mandy vs. the Terrible Running Shirt

  • Joanna says:

    That is a definite must. I learned the hard way too. I purchased two of the same shirts that looked fine and when I got to the gym, they were just awful and to top it off, they made my torso look even smaller! Not good for short people. Luckily, I usually have 3 or 4 different shirts in my gym bag just in case. Let’s just say, some of the shirts are for good “I feel in shape” days and the others are for my fat days.

    Hopefully that shirt won’t come back to haunt you any longer. 😉 Great job getting your runs in!

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