And So It Begins!

September 8, 2009 § 2 Comments

Week 1: Tues. 3 miles; Thurs. 3 miles; Fri. 3 miles; Sat. 6 miles (Total: 15 miles)

After checking my training calendar, it turns out that the first few weeks of my training aren’t too bad. Probably the hardest thing for me will be making sure I fit them all in.

Making time for my runs with my work and social schedule can become overwhelming. When I was training for the half marathon in January ’09, I found myself thinking about my running schedule ALL the time – to the point that it was stressing me out. When was I going to run? Where was I going to run? What do I need to do at home after I finished my run? I’ve made a promise to myself that this time will be different. I have my schedule mapped out for the next 19 weeks and I made sure I built in an extra short run every week so if I have to drop one from my schedule, I won’t feel as guilty about it.

Even though it’s only the first week, I will experience the first juggling act with my schedule. With a trip planned for Rocky Point this weekend, I will be doing my best to fit in my Friday run between going to work first thing in the morning and leaving the for the long road trip that afternoon. I’ll also be challenged with finding a place to fit in my Saturday run while I’m there – hopefully there’s a nice (safe) path along the beach that I can take! We’ll see how it goes.


§ 2 Responses to And So It Begins!

  • Joanna says:

    Good luck on your training! I wouldn’t expect anything less than 19 weeks of mapped out miles 😉

  • Michelle says:

    19 week schedule- you continue to amaze me with your dedication and your thorough thinking. I’m sure by design, by mapping it out like that you’ve eliminated a lot of the easy outs as things come up. Thank you for sharing this with us- it is a really helpful way for me to track and root you on from CA!

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